if you knew me at some point during 2021 or 2022 you might know that deltarune used to be one of my special interests for around a year!! i used to spend all of my time rewatching playthroughs every single day for hours. that lasted at least 4 months. i'm still passionate about deltarune and still hold it close to my heart.

spoilers ahead!

so, what is deltarune? deltarune is a free game on pc, switch, mac, and playstation! it was created by toby fox, who also created undertale.
deltarune is based in the undertale world, however it has a different story and setting. the protagonist of the game is named kris who lives in a house with their mother toriel. the synopsis of the story so far is that kris goes to school, and they have to partner up with the mean girl, susie. they have been told to look for more chalk (because susie ate it) in the closet, ordered by their teacher. they end up falling into a "dark world" that was opened in the closet! this is where they found a whole world where they'd meet other people such as ralsei. they would be told they were the heroes of the dark worlds, and would have to save them!



the story for kris starts when they were adopted by the dreemurrs. they grew up feeling like an outcast, being the only human child in hometown. they were very close with their older brother, asriel. they would explore the forests with their neighbors, noelle and dess. kris and noelle were particularly close growing up, but would drift apart. at some point, their adoptive parents, toriel and asgore, would divorce. asriel and kris would continue being close as they could be, until asriel had to leave hometown to go to college. kris would keep in touch with him over the internet, but during the time of deltarune, the internet would be out :(.

toriel had difficulty taking care of kris. despite this, she continues to be motherly and finds kris's antics endearing. she still tries to limit kris's impulsiveness. kris has been implied to be a bit mean-spirited, in the way that they would prank and scare noelle, and has gotten into many antics.

in deltarune, kris is implied to be controlled by the player. which means, kris is their own person, but the player has taken control of their body. near the endings of both chapters, they force their heart out so that they can finally control themselves without the influence of the player. a theme that pops up many times in deltarune's secret bosses is that they seem to be held back or controlled. i believe this is to be in reference of kris. this is implied through the acts that the player can take, where if you pick an option that kris didn't want, the characters can comment that kris looked like they hesitated or didn't actually seem in favor of it.


there is not much of susie's past revealed in deltarune, besides that she gets into trouble at school many times and is close to being expelled. susie is known to be rude and vulgar, making sarcastic or brutally honest remarks. she often threatens others with physical violence. in a dark world, she refuses to be a pacifist and tries to fight enemies. i believe that she experiences mistreatment at her home, or she might not even have a home. she seems to experience financial struggles, appearing to be constantly hungry and even eating inedible objects such as chalk.


dark fountains are an extremely important part of dark worlds. they are sources that give dark worlds a form. the only dark fountain that's supposed to be standing is the one in castle town. one of the main conflicts of deltarune appear when there are multiple dark fountains appearing, insinuated to be from the knight, who we still do not know is. if there are too many dark fountains taking place, then an apocalyptic event called the roaring will happen.

if the roaring happens, titans would emerge from the fountains to devastate both the light and dark worlds, where darkners would be petrified, and lightners would have to fend for themselves. it is states that the three heroes are destined to seal the fountains and restore balance. when a dark foountain is sealed, the dark world reverts back to it's light world form.

the only people known to open the dark fountains in the game are the knight and kris. however, any lightner could potentially open their own dark fountains. the way you could open a dark would is by taking a sharp object and peircing it through the ground. when a dark world is opened in the light world, it takes form of a black fog that immediately fills up the room which the dark fountain was opened in.


i've made several fan sprites (which might have not very good quality on the site.. i'm sorry about that T_T), the first ones being my take on dess holiday:

on the left is what i think her general appearance would be, on the right is how i think she would change her appearance before she goes missing.

this is my design for noelle holiday, i imagine this is when she's older :3

some of my favorite deltarune themed websites:

A site button with text reading: Strings Attached. The text flashes periodically. A sprite of Spamton appears on the right of the text and changes as he notices the green strings that appear behind him.

a challenger approaches you...