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name: corv
birthday: 01/01/2007
gender: male
sexuality: pan and taken by my beautiful gf for life

hello, i am Corvid Iolite, the fated webmaster of momolover website. i'm 16 and i have been on the internet for as long as i remember. i started off just playing online games like club penguin, fantage, and animal jam (and also watching weird as hell stuff on youtube). i love internet nostalgia and miss what i would find on the internet as a child, so that's why i'm on neocities now. i consider the internet a part of my identity. i'm AUdhd and have cptsd, which is why i like studying all types of mental illness and psychology! i also like to study chromosomal mutations and other bodily functions and abnormalities. i love art as well, which i have been doing ever since i came out of the womb.. (you'd think i'd be better at it when i spent like 15 years drawing but..erm whatever..) i got serious about art when i got into FNAF and started filled notebooks beyond notebooks of my fnaf art and fangames.. fnaf is also why i got into music, my first ever favorite song was the five nights at freddy's song by the living tombstone (which then i only listened to fnaf music for 4 years.. and after only listed to vocaloid music for 2 years.. now i'm trying to expand my taste.) then i started making my own music when i was 11.. i am still not the best at making music, but again i like to express myself through any form of media whenever i want.. i love learning and reading. i knew how to read very early and in first grade i tried to read the entire catalogue of books from the school library. i still love reading, but i haven't ACTUALLY read in a while. i was also really smart and now i'm not that smart.. Only because my focus and hearing is really bad and i can't really learn that well. so the things i do learn is mostly of my own accord and i love to study stuff in my free time, mostly psychology. (erm waht do you put in about me's..) i am a very big advocate for understanding people rather than shunning them.. with that said everyone is welcome to talk to me without being scared of being judge. and also doing things without worrying what people think! i love being cringeguy!


things that were special interests at some point will be underlined..(the rest were/are hyperfixations but if i put them here they are still things i think about usually..)

GENERAL: psychology, chromosome mutations, jerma985, markiplier, jacksepticeye, good mythical morning, popularmmmos, military costumes and guns (i don't like the military but i LOVE their stuff.), architecture of vehicles (and tanks), coding, art, cryptozoology, vocaloid, 90s and early 2000s aesthetics, autumn, collecting, internet mysteries, args, true crime, internet nostalgia, cooking, talking about myself, psychoanalyzing
MOVIES AND SHOWS: mlp(fim), adventure time, serial experiments lain, lucky star, nichijou, breaking bad, death note, gotham, steven universe, ginger snaps, donnie darko, coraline
GAMES: five nights at freddy's, night in the woods, deltarune/undertale, sonic (but the original games), nintendo games just in general.. yume nikki, acnh, splatoon, red dead redemption, fallout, ddlc
MUSIC ARTISTS: black dresses, ada rook, devi mccallion, vocaloid, elias and the error, christian death, death grips, lemon demon, girlflesh, kikuo, babuchan, korn, slipknot, goreshit, death spells, gorillaz, sewerslvt, lauren bousfield, nero's day at disneyland, tyler the creator, nine inch nails, machine girl, nirvana, avenged sevenfold, evanescence

albums i like

random facts about me

  • i was born a month early and i had to be revived when i was born ..
  • i am hard of hearing (i do wear hearingaids) also i faked needing glasses in second grade.
  • i connect with the term "alterhuman" .. i am still figuring out my identity as a thing in my head and so far i think i'm just meant to be a cryptid/creature. otherwise i prefer to think of myself as a machine or nonliving entity or maybe just some sort of small animal.. like a kitten
  • my first word was a badword :(
  • i broke my arm once by jumping off of a chair
  • also one time an entire safety pin went up my .. buttcheek .. but that was way more recent than the arm thing..
  • i have 4 cats
  • i used to do ballet.. i was like 3 and my nana was trying to do really expensive stuff for me when i was a kid.. so there are a lot of fancy type experiences i had when i was very young and the rest of my life is not that way at all
  • i collect many things.. collections webpage soon. or now.. depending on when you are reading.. either way i'm working on it
  • my favorite weather is soft rain and thunder :)
  • my diet consists of cereal and zuchinni and fruit (and a lot of white food for some reason.. is it just me or is white food really satisfying to eat.) i eat pretty much the same things everyday (autism things)
  • my most liked drawing ever was a drawing of pinkie pie gore.. i'm kind of salty thst the most interesting thing i drew to people was PONY GORE! but it's okay.

      characters that are me.. sorry