How long have you been drawing, traditionally and digitally?

I have been drawing ever since I was Born. I did not get serious about it until later in life … I actually did not have real sketchbooks until 2019 I think. I used notebooks for My entire life prior.. Now I have i think 40-50 sketchbooks I’ve drawn in. I tried digital art when I got my tablet a few times but it was on flipaclip and I hated it.. all traces of it are Gone now.:( (Please preserve your art.. there is So much I’m missing from my digital art section..) I Consider 2018 to be when I Actually started doing digital art, because I got obsessed with doing stuff on Scratch Dot Mit Dot Edu.. I constantly drew on it All the time and coded so many animations about my characters it was insane and I never got tired of it. It was a Good time…

Ok but if you have so many sketchbooks why do you only have (Whatever number of sketchbooks I have on here I know it’s less) sketchbooks listed.

BECAUSE! I count all of the books I’ve drawn in as my Sketchbooks. It’s mostly because a lot of those books are doodle books and a bunch of them are just Tear out or cut out these drawings.. so I only post the ones that i really used..

What programs and supplies do you use?

I really just use whatever paper is available to me, and I mainly like to draw with pen and color with pencils. I also enjoy oil pastels and chalk pastels, which I don’t use much but I Do Love them. I like using watercolors as well. For digital art, I mostly use JSpaint and medibang paint. You can usually tell which one of the two I’m using. I like using tux paint for fun :p.

What inspires you?

When I was little, what inspired me was just whatever I had special interests I had at the time. I never really had any favorite artists. In 5th grade I did start enjoying anime styles, and then I discovered vocaloid. In 2019 my style art was based on masa works design or ghost and pals.. which I am ashamed of…
I actually didn’t look at art online until 2020, a little bit before but I only knew of 3 artists I liked lol. it took me a long time to actually discover what inspired me in art (see next question) rather than Being a perfectionist. Now not only art inspires me but a lot of other stuff too, usually video games and retro stuff that makes me So happy. Which is kind of why I got into old web stuff.. nowadays I am Obsessed with it. Music also inspired me.. And also my experiences.. In life…

So who are your biggest influences now?

Who helped me understand what I really enjoyed in art was @lullilak , who inspired me because of how much they drew, and how they drew! Their range of art inspired me very much, and I studied their style for months. Now I do not look at it as much as I used to, but sometimes I notice my art looks a bit too much like their art because of my huge visual library of it :p their poses are a huge part of it, I wanted to create poses from my brain and be able to doodle them without much effort (and now I can)!
Another artist I love is @rekinlyk (WHO I’M MUTUALS WITH NOW!!) I admire them for similar reasons, their range is incredible and I admire their style of linework and their bodies .. if I wanted to learn how to draw certain things I often like to go to their art and study their stylization .. finding their art was insane because how they drew bodies were very similar to how I want to.. I love silly shapes!
@larvaecandy who also was one of my first 'Understand what I enjoy in art' artists.. (who follows me now.. it was insane)their art is adorable and I love the they do whatever they want I think!!!! and @heartwoozy who Made me go insane for 2 months. I just can’t explain but I love their designs and process of art so much.. (They Are also my mutual! WHAT IF IM AT A SIMILAR ART LEVEL AS MY INSPIRATIONS.!)
Ok.. korsse is a recent artist I go to now and their art is actually Perfect .. we have the same interests and Goals I think. If I feel sad about my art, I just look at their sketchbooks and I feel so much better because i shouldn’t restrict my art, I could be as free as they are .. so I don’t stress over messy stuff in my sketchbooks anymore :p
there are actually a Bajillion more but its impossible to talk about them all, let me know if i should make a page dedicated to links of my favorite artists...