To cover up the feigned,
The wronged, the unsure
To cover up the unknowing

To feel no happiness
To feel no remorse, no sadness
To have no feeling,
To have nothing to say

Means to be exiled

The pain to do something, to be something
The mind to be replaced with medicine
Life that is to be distracted until the next hour
That can only exist to survive
That cannot provide

Means a life displaced
Means to be self centered

But what if we just wanted to be understood,
if we just wanted to appreciate the mind,
To appreciate life inside,

Would the way we have learned not to speak have to mean that we dismiss others?
Should the way we have learned to fear our own thoughts have to mean that we do not exist at all?
Should this mean that we should have to live life knowing we are something far from everyone else?
Should this mean we should be ignored until we are of use?

To ache longing for what you’ve never had
To plea, to plea repeatedly for love and life
To only writhe in pain the you cannot fix
To only be able to survive

To be misunderstood
Means to be inhuman