black dresses

the band black dresses is a project made by ada and devi together. this is where i first discovered them a few years ago. i heard of them first through er,m .. an amino post.. where a certain music artist was being copared to black dresses so i went to listen to one of their songs to see what they were talking about. i listened to their song dreams come true and i fell in love immediately.. that song is still so perfect, i love it so much ^_^ it was also at like 4am too, so i went to bed and i was so excited to listen to more of their stuff and the next day i immediately started listening to their first album WASTEISOLATION.

a personal note for black dresses, i am so thankful for this band, they have helped me a lot and their music is so uplfiting and helps me understand myself? i'm sorry that all the music i love is like. the ways it connects to mental shit and trauma and i talk about it all the time but that's what i love about music because it feels so personal to so many people and helps us feel understood in a way. and that's one of the things i love about black dreses and ada and devi in general! i feel very grateful to them. parasocial relationships am i right. no i just. their music is what picks me up at times i feel hopeless and objectified and like i'll never move on. they are what helped me realize i am a victim and my situation is much worse than i'd realize. it's what helped me unveil these feelings i had to feel and their albums remind me that i can get through this and i can move on and there's hope and maybe i'll feel better and blah blah blah. but yeah. i will be talking about stuff like that Probably. since there;s a lot of those types of themes and stuff. thank u


WASTEISOLATION is black dresses debut album, where they describe "what it's like to be a trans woman in an antagonistic world", but i also assume there are deeper themes besides that, like the effects of child abuse, isolation, rage. black dresses usually also provides with this, a hopeful, cathartic tone. i listened to this album at the darkest times of me dealing with the same issues. i am extremely grateful for this album.

this album was recorded inbetween 2017 and 2018, and it was created completely over twitter dms.. (so silly) their first cover (paper planes by M.I.A) was published on Lethal Poison for the System, and devi released one of their songs under one of her project albums (if i remember correctly?) and was then taken off when WASTEISOLATION was officially released on april 13, 2018. the sound of the album is described by industrial pop and is inspired my noise music.

i love this album because you can tell it's the first album they made, and it's still raw and abrasive. i love that they put their whole hearts into what they make, couldn't ask for anything more. i love the episodic structure in most of the songs, because a handful of songs go from noisy and angry into this ,, i dunno, beautiful fearful arrangement.. like for example, the song wiggle.. "i keep myself together somehow" MMWNJAJJANJjhhjhf jf eats you. ok i'm professional. i dunno this album has the perfect atmosphere it feels so grotesque and abrasive and it is so pretty. my favorite song from it HAS TO BE SLITHER. it is the perfet prettiest closing track. i love it i love it. the beautiful narration at the start .. this song is so personal obviously and i love it i feel it in my brain. I LOVE THIS SONG. i love the sound deisgn and rook's voice in it i think i'll explode if i listen to it right now. jsut listen to it it's amazing. PLEASE. i love this album/..i do not really have much else to say.. apologies.

thank you

thank you is black dresses second album, released on february 5th, 2019. this is a glitch pop, industrial pop, noise album. i loved at first, then didn't like it very much, but now i love it again.. structurally, it may be very strange, i think that it takes a while to warm up to. however, this album is a perfect representation of like.. anxiety to me? it feels so loud and sudden and jerky and that's... in a good way!! well when you get used to it. i love jumping around to this album, it's so fun and angry and waaahh.this album actually feels exactly like a mental breakdown and being anxious in a bad place i have no other way to describe it. some of the songs sound off and can sound a bit jarring but i love that in albums like these because you could just describe it as like.. Hey, That's My Brain. just random and weird and out of place. HARMLESS is one of the most perfect songs ever, it makes me feel like i'm going to explode when it gets to that part.. that song is literally perfect i have a lot to say about it.. rook is so amazing at conveying emotion through her voice. that song describes the anxiety of abuse so perfectly, yknow what i mean.. like, the beginning feels like when you have to be around your abusers and you have to do soemthing but it makes you so anxious .. i don't know how to describe that without roping myself into it okay. like how i can't talk to my abuser it takes me so long to finally do it because i get so anxious and anxious and. ah. THAT'S HOW IT FEELS OKAY. and then the angry part the jarring sounds the lyrics auohoUUgiugoGIL;??<<#333 obaahoPAGPAHP;JLLDLA. just listen to the song okay

ok i guess i should talk about the rest of the album not one song. i feel like this album,, you either love it or you hate it. it's better if you listen to the whole album rather than listening to a song from it.. yk what i mean. like it's really a weak album overall, i don;t know if id show this album to someone.. but to ME i love it. i just know it's not somethign that could be of other's tastes. if you looked at the album from a lens unlike mine, and not interpreting it as like.. a mental representation.. it'll sound pretty trash i guess. it could still sound like that if you interpreted it as that.. idk it;s confusing to talk about because of the overall rating and My rating.


LOVE AND AFFECTION FOR STUPID LITTLE BITCHES was released on august 1st, 2019. it has elements of electro-industrial music, electropop, chillwave, industrial metal. this album has themes of love and friendship through pain, identity, being trans etc. ok seriously. this is not my favorite black dresses album.. however.. THIS ALBUM IS STILL ONE OF THEIR BEST ALBUMS EVER I THINK. it's so sweet, and nice and so full of love. i recommend this album and WASTEISOLATION for a first listen from black dresses. it's so nice and raw and it makes me cry thinking about it! this song is one of the most melodic albums they have made i believe. the staring track STATIC is one of my favorite song by black dresses ever i think, as well as MUSIC. some of these songs feature more noise and industrial elements, and can be even scary to listen to, and some of the songs are sweet and silly. i don't know it's still serious and delves into dark themes but it feels like a nice warm hug. this is one of the best produced and consistent albums made by these two.. it is incredible. i heavily recommend it.. it feels like home .. also side tangent the album cover i love the albu cover the art on it is adorable and so good whoever the artist is i love them. looks exactly like the album sounds. this album provides more surface level hope through the pain.. it provides the most aggressive kind of love it's so ugly it;s beautiful eeuurrghh i love this album okay. that's my points it's perfect and so amazing. that's all i have to say.


i am very nervous to talk about this one because of people's bad reviews.. however there are more really good reviews than the bad ones.. ahem. this album is really awesoem i think!!! i'm not sure how to describe it though. it's more poppy, i think? it's less noisy than previous albums. this album has a bunch of songs representing being autistic which i really love, like "I'M A FREAK CUZ I'M ALWAYS FREAKED OUT" and "MIRRORGIRL" (that;s just how i view mirrorgirl, but i think it's also about trying to be acceptable in society as a trans person. but it could just be in general i think. so i think its about being neurodivergent Lols) this album has such an odd aura behind it that i really love.. perfect for when you feel rejected by people and society. this album feels so fun too! what i really loev about black dresses is like.. they don't try to be perfect, they just try to have fun. so i feel kind of resenting when people criticise what they make, because they're just having fun and that doesn;t really matter to them. i want to be like them one day. people criticise their vocals and stuff, especially in this album, but i love their vocals!! they just!! ah! so so silly. i think my favorite song is sharp halo just cause. it's very odd and unsettling and also about being an angel i think. that's so me.



ada rook

devi mccallion