about this page

This page is dedicated to one of my ongoing interests, the human body, I am a huge fan of studying things about the body that are interesting to me, whether it’s psychological or physical. This may be because of my personal struggles but I’m not very sure, I just love it so much. I especially love studying genetic mutations, mental illnesses, responses to trauma, etc. I will be writing about all of the things I find interesting on this page, so feel free to check it out for things I will write in the future (if you are interested in that kinda thing...) I want to study more about the human psyche and also delve into how some people identify themselves (such as being nonhuman, using xenogenders etc) which I find interesting as well.. I at first started studying mental and physical disabilities to figure out how to treat others with different conditions than mine and such, but now I have a genuine interest into all sorts of these things ^_^ I've also figured out a lot of things about myself along the way. I would appreciate it if you took a glance at my studying and my perspective and maybe you can learn new things too ^^